Yanir Yakutiel, Derek Henningsen

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said growing complexity in financial services has made it tough for customers to compare prices and products but open banking will help overcome this by ensuring banks present information in a standardised and simpler way. He sees it as a policy aiming to facilitate account switching and stir competition.

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Ashley Howden

Businesses are quick to proclaim their commitment to female representation targets, parental leave policy and corporate culture improvements. They are equally as eager to prioritise digital transformation and importantly, increasingly integrate AI into their businesses.

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Denham Pinder and Ian Webster

Much like death and taxes, cost reduction and business simplification agendas are a business constant. In an Australian banking, financial services and insurance  context, this is a highly topical agenda. In addition to revenue pressures emanating from the slowing Australian property market, the Hayne royal commission has been shining a light on the need for more reliable, efficient, customer-centric processes.

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Alan Verschoyle-King

Open banking – what’s it all about?

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Nick Murray-Leslie

As the global banks converge in the city for SIBOS, one of the sector’s original opinion formers shares his thoughts on the challenges for the established financial order and some advice to help Sydney pull ahead of the pack.

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