Chi-X Australia

Chi-X Australia’s real-time data covers its Australian cash equities, ETFs and other products including transferable custody receipts or TraCRs.


The exchange has now achieved more than 20 per cent market share, trading more than $1 billion a day in cash equities.

“Expanding our coverage with exchanges such as Chi-X Australia helps increase the opportunities for investors and those that serve them – access to new pools of liquidity and differentiated investment products, such as the TRaCRs, ETFs and warrants listed on Chi-X Australia,” Graham Dixon, head of product and client solutions at Morningstar Australia, said.

“Clients that use Morningstar’s real-time, delayed or end of day data feeds can now offer access to Chi-X Australia in a seamless manner, leveraging our easy-to-integrate, content-rich, web services platform, snapshot files or streaming feeds.”

Vic Jokovic, chief executive of Chi-X Australia, added, “As a market challenger, Chi-X is committed to improving market efficiencies and providing cost-effective access to local and global investment opportunities.”