The hallmarks of the winning Fintech Business Awards entries will be innovation, entrepreneurship, vision, collaboration and business acumen resulting in success. The judging criteria for the awards include:

Innovation - The extent to which an entry represents a new approach to business challenges. Any business can follow best practice; this criterion will identify those who have pioneered methods that made their business stand out.

Entrepreneurship - We will look for business owners who have taken a risk to pursue their fintech dream, striking out from the crowd to create new digital products that enhance the consumer experience.

Creativity - We will assess the degree to which entrants demonstrate creativity in all aspects of their business model, brand values, relationships (with customers, suppliers and the public), and in their award submissions.

Outcomes - Can you demonstrate the outcomes your business has achieved, be they financial, geographical or in staff development and engagement? Outcomes and continual improvement will have a heavy weighting, so that the awards celebrate measurable achievements.

Submission structure and format:

Entrants must address all submission questions and provide up to four supporting materials.

Category description and submission questions can be found below or by clicking on the ‘Categories’ tab.

Answers to each question must not exceed 400 words per question.

There are no limitations on how you choose to cover submission criteria, so be creative!

All entries MUST be lodged online. Please note that you must cover all key points and answer questions directly or your submission may be judged negatively as a result.

Submission delivery:

An online submission platform will open on Monday 27 November 2017. All responses and supporting documents can be uploaded online.

Lodge your submission now – click here

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5:30pm on Friday 12 January 2018

Confidentiality - Please note that all submissions are treated in the strictest of confidence and will only be viewed by the Fintech Business Awards and judging panel.

To download a PDF version of the award submission document, please click on the appropriate category below.

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