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The platform will leverage AI and predictive analytics to identify potential data breaches before they occur with a high degree of confidence.

The platform collects data across the network and deploys AI to create virtual replicas of real-world objects to then map the behaviour and future state of the objects.

Once the AI has deemed a risk sufficiently high enough, Secure Logics team acts to quarantine or disable the threat before it reaches critical assets.

Secure Logic’s CEO Santosh Devaraj said the real risk of cyber threats had made predictive security measures a necessity.

“Traditional point-in-time detection methods are being rendered obsolete by increasingly sophisticated and well-resourced malicious actors. Fortunately, advancements in the areas of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics have equipped businesses with the tools to mitigate threats before they result in a breach,” he said.

Mr Davaraj said technology like the ones used by the Cyber Threat platform are the future for the cyber security industry.

“AI-driven predictive analytics is the logical next step for the cyber security industry. From here, the focus must be on modelling potential threats at the earliest possible stage to proactively minimise the potential harm,” Mr Devaraj added.

The centre that will be in charge of the operations will run 24/7 and works for numerous organisations that harbour sensitive information that needed to be alert to the threat of data breaches said Mr Devaraj. 

“The local and international regulatory trend towards greater data transparency has raised the security stakes for companies which harbour sensitive information – particularly those in industries such as finance, education and healthcare – the latter of which has become a prized target for hackers.” 


Eliot Hastie

Eliot Hastie

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