On Saturday 23 April, Wealth Migrate held an official launch at its new China liaison office in the Pudong district of Shanghai. It was attended by Chinese and global fintech and real estate luminaries, including Australian crowdfunding expert Paul Niederer, co-founder of ASSOB, and Zhao Xiaoju, executive dean of the Shanghai Institute of International Finance Centre.

Wealth Migrate China CEO Aling Gong said the launch is an important move for the Chinese crowdfunding movement following the government’s release of regulatory guidance in July 2015 which explained it would seek policies that encourage this technology as an economic enabler.

“Traditionally only ultra high net worth Chinese investors have had access to global investment opportunities, but in time, the new members of the Chinese middle class may gain access to wealth-creating opportunities through internet-enabled finance,” said Ms Gong.

“The Chinese government has indicated it wants to start a dialogue with global entrepreneurs and experts like Wealth Migrate who are leading the way in this industry, so this is an important first step for crowdfunding in China.”

Wealth Migrate founder and CEO Scott Picken said the move will help the company’s long-term goal of putting “the power of the Family Office in the back pocket of every investor”. 

“We are very excited to have secured this official foothold in the world’s largest and most promising market, and we look forward to continuing to build on our strategic partnerships and relationships in China, helping to build the equity crowdfunding ecosystem,” he said. 

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