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Sniip has increased the number of billers accessible through its app to 45,000 overnight after being sponsored into the BPAY scheme by Indue.

Once the sponsorship is finalised, the tech company will be the first ever mobile bill payments solutions on BPAY outside of banking and the first to be bank and financial institution agnostic.

According to Sniip chief executive Damien Vasta, this is the first real change to the payment landscape as Snipp will now aggregate every financial institution to pay the bills.

“This new partnership and its bank and card-agnostic solution is designed to enhance this capability by providing Australians with a fast, simple and seamless means to pay any bill through any bank and using any type of mobile,” said Mr Vasta.

“With Indue’s 50 plus years’ experience in payments, combined with its ability to think and operate like a fintech, we are confident the partnership will be a success.”

BPAY customers will soon be able to pay bills through their mobiles after nothing more than a scan of the biller and reference code, eliminating the need to manually enter the details.

Indue CEO Derek Weatherley said there were further enhancements including payment scheduling, reminders and receipt storage.

“Sniip’s customer-centric approach to innovation is a key reason we are proud to sponsor them into the BPAY scheme, and we look forward to working together to transform Australia’s payments landscape for the good of all Australian bill-payers,” he said.

Eliot Hastie

Eliot Hastie

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