Third Party Trade, an online brokerage firm run out of New York, will offer Australian investors the opportunity to invest in companies around the world "from anywhere, on any device".

TPT customers will be able to access “the full suite of services through their existing client portal in real time, including account creation, funding, order management, market data, and alerts,” a TPT statement said.

TPT founder and chief executive Michael Giles said: “Many of the products and services Australians interact with every day are created by companies that are not listed in Australia and therefore not available as an investment opportunity for the average self-directed investor.

“Investors deserve the opportunity to gain exposure to these high-growth companies in the low-cost, easy to use and fully integrated platform that TPT provides,” Mr Giles said.

“We built our technology to cater to every kind of product concept, pricing model and delivery method.”

TPT has launched the service in collaboration with Apex Clearing Corporation (Apex), a clearing and execution firm.

Apex chief executive Danny Rosenthal said TPT has developed the “right concept at the right time”.

TPT’s will be first such service offered to Australian investors.

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