Speaking to Adviser Innovation, SuiteBox country manager Ian Dunbar said having the ability to store and retain virtual meetings is exceedingly beneficial from a compliance perspective.

“Where you’ve got really crucial conversations occurring, SuiteBox enables you to have a permanent video and voice recording of that meeting,” Mr Dunbar said.

“It eliminates any future risk of confusion or dispute of what was actually discussed or covered in a conversation,” he said.

In addition, SuiteBox now enables advisers to create permanent meeting rooms with clients.

“The concept of this meeting room is that the adviser and client can go in and out of and interact with each other on a continuous basis.”

Mr Dunbar argued that virtual advice software provides advisers with the opportunity to grow their client base and advance their business by breaking the dependency on physical location.

“It gives financial advisers the ability to manage relationships that are geographically dispersed from where they are.”

“They can pursue growth strategies outside their natural geographic catchment area,” he said.

Mr Dunbar added that many advisers are positively responding to the opportunities presented by new technology.

“I’m refreshed as to how many [advisers] there are out there really thinking about how they can grow their client base, grow their reach, become more efficient [and] embrace tools.”

Mr Dunbar said that “innovative advisers” understand that technology is disrupting the industry, and as a result, are positioning themselves to get ahead of it.

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