Puzzle piece merging

The bank has signed an agreement with Cashwerkz to offer its products on the platform making it the latest bank who will rely on Cashwerkz to streamline and automate their term deposits.

Group chief executive of Trustees Australia Hector Ortiz, the parent company of Cashwerkz said he was proud to have Gateway Bank joined the Cashwerkz suite.

“Gateway, which is primarily a digital bank, can now expand their online footprint and reach term deposit investors, from all investing groups, around the country. Gateway will be offering products to our retail, advised, middle market and institutional investors,” he said.

Mr Ortiz said Cashwerkz was committed to providing a place for deposit investors to safely invest their money.

“We are committed to providing term deposit investors with an easy-to-use and innovative platform offering greater choice of products while providing a stronger security around their cash, and will continue to evolve processes in this space to make term deposit investing even more seamless,” said Mr Ortiz.

Gateway chief executive Paul Thomas said he was excited to work with the platform to continue to offer their term deposits to more investors.

“We are excited to work with Cashwerkz, to expand and innovate our term deposit distribution to reach more investors, and we are particularly excited about extending our reach to the direct, advised, middle market and institutional segments,” said Mr Thomas.