Vestabyte is a start-up crowdfunding platform founded by former Centuria Capital chief executive Rick Curtis and IT manager Scott Schulz.

Vestabyte is available to all retail participants, rather than being restricted to wholesales investors.

The aim of the Vestabyte platform is to minimise the layers of intermediaries between the investor and investment, the company said in a statement. 

This is in line with the trend in Australians opting for self-managed superannuation funds, which have the ability to invest using the Vestabyte platform.

The first opportunity for investors in the platform is a townhouse development in Bendigo, Victoria with a minimum investment of $2,000.

Soon to be launched offerings will include commercial mortgages and business ventures, the company said.

Currently, it is very difficult for private companies to raise capital. However, Vestabyte aims to change this. An innovative offering in the pipeline relates to the funding of mainstream music events, which provide both participation and profit sharing from ticket sales.