The upgrade is a new performance analytics function that measures each broker’s personal metrics, including the number of reviews, the average response time and success rate.

By allowing brokers to track their performance indicators and understand how those indicators impact overall ratings, HashChing hopes that the dashboard will act as a “powerful motivator” for brokers to improve their service.

Atul Narang, HashChing chief information officer, said that the update was made in response to industry discussions around driving positive consumer outcomes in the mortgage industry.

“We believe it’s important to keep brokers accountable to customers, and from day one, we have maintained that partner brokers need to have a minimum four out of five rating on HashChing in order to continue receiving leads,” Mr Narang said.

Like the mobile dashboard for the wearable fitness tracker, Fitbit, HashChing said that the service allows brokers to track progress and see what they need to do in order to become a premium broker and attract more leads.

Mr Narang explained, “This newest update to the broker dashboard makes it easier for brokers to quantify their performance, understand which areas – if any – need improvement, and also identify any new opportunities based on analysing their leads pipeline.”

The interface also highlights overdue leads and notifications while a webinar sections allows brokers to access educational content.

“We think that making these metrics more transparent for brokers will benefit the industry as a whole, encouraging brokers to strive for a higher quality of service while at the same time giving them the tools they need to maximise their deal flow," Mr Narang said.

“Following this release, we will seek feedback from our broker partners about further enhancements, including the introduction of a broker leaderboard as well as an industry-leading balanced scorecard for brokers.”