From personal experience, we realised that contrary to popular advice, it is almost impossible to nudge lenders for rates that are better than those they have advertised.


We also found that the key to lower rates lies with the mortgage brokers and digitising the whole experience will make it a breeze, which is exactly what sets HashChing apart from other comparison websites.

HashChing partners with mortgage brokers across the country (but not lenders), offering consumers the convenience and savings of going through the home loan application process.

HashChing is changing the landscape of the mortgage industry and aims to disrupt the industry further by offering home loans at interest rates lower than 4 per cent, and promoting transparency and on-demand service (that was unheard of before) in the industry. 

We also put stress on content, with an informative blog and the option to post queries to verified brokers online (which are instantly answered by a partnering broker), saving hours of wait time and internet research without being hassled by unwanted calls.

It’s no surprise then that since inception, HashChing has already received over 1,600 home loan applications amounting to $840 million.

The platform

Once a user chooses a broker-negotiated deal on the platform, they get to see the broker profile, including consumer ratings just like any Uber driver when you book a car. 

An automatic meeting schedule is created in both user and broker’s diary, confirming their appointment. 

Within 24 hours, users can expect a call from the broker, after they have uploaded the requisite documents online. 

This model scores a double whammy for the consumer – cheaper rates from different brokers on a single platform, and instant connection with the brokers, a stark contrast to the long waiting periods of the past.

Further, users are not charged any fee by HashChing and they also have the option to seek advice from verified mortgage brokers on the portal in a transparent manner.

Many home buyers are apprehensive of contacting brokers directly, but HashChing solves this by providing reviews and ratings from real time users to build users’ trust in the brokers they are using, ushering in an era of convenience, confidence and cheaper deals for consumers!

Even brokers have much to gain when they sign up on HashChing. Contrary to popular practice, they don’t have to pay on a per lead basis, but are only charged on settlement which is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Not only that, brokers get all the business tools needed to effectively manage those leads through the custom dashboard, providing them reminders, document collection and other digital functions allowing them to accelerate the process.

HashChing does not stop at just bringing the users in touch with brokers. 

The brokers are obligated to call customers within 24 hours of receiving their information, making the process much quicker. 

Further, they are required to provide at least three different deals to the consumer, giving the power of choice to borrowers.

By partnering with brokers and making the home loan process much more efficient and transparent, HashChing is openly challenging the lenders to up their game by disrupting the traditional landscape of the mortgage industry

HashChing recently secured new funding of $1 million from Sapien Ventures.

Atul Narang is the co-founder and chief information officer of HashChing.