Starting in Brisbane tomorrow, the Inaugural Blockchain Australia National Meetup Roadshow will travel to Melbourne on Wednesday and finish in Sydney on Thursday night.

The tour will then expand across Australia in October to December, making stops in Newcastle, Launceston, Adelaide and Perth.

The series, hosted by S2M Digital Recruitment and BlockChain Australia, will hold presentations from local and global blockchain projects, with debates, audience Q&A sessions with expert panels.

The nights’ topics will include an introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrency, blockchain’s traction in the past year, crypto trading and investing, regulation and education, crypto’s current state of play and Facebook’s Libra.

Michael Nye, influencer, content creator and educator in blockchain and cryptocurrency will be speaking at the roadshow.

Panellists include Lucy Lin, founder and chief marketing officer of blockchain specialist marketing consultant Forestlyn; Adrian Przelozny, chief executive and co-founder of Australian digital currency exchange Independent Reserve; and Grant Colthup, CEO of newly launched crypto exchange Mine Digital.

Mr Colthup said it is an interesting time for crypto and digital assets, describing it as a “crossroads.”

“Alt coins continue to lack support, while bitcoin seems to be finding support from a variety of participants. We believe that there will be an incredible investment opportunity in this space in the coming decade,” he said.

“If we go back to 2002, tech and telcos were still languishing, however, much of the infrastructure that has supported the incredible growth we have seen over the last 17 years had been put in place. To me it feels like we are in a similar scenario.”

Other panellists listed are Craig Cobb, managing director at trading educator Trader Cobb and Alex Saunders, CEO and founder of online cryptocurrency publication Nugget’s News.

The events will be hosted by David Jackson, managing director of S2M Digital Recruitment and director of Blockchain Australia.