Data-sharing platform

The group, Data Republic, secured funding from investors with Singtel Innov8 and entities like Singapore Airlines, Qualgro, ANZ, Reinventure and Ryder Innovation Fund.

The chief executive of Singtel Innov8 Edgar Hardless said that data intelligence provides a competitive advantage and Data Republic was a great platform to facilitate that.

“Data Republic is helping to ensure that such data sharing is conducted in a safe, secure and compliant manner. Innov8 is excited to support Data Republic’s ambition to expand into Singapore and beyond,” he said.

Data Republic was recently named a ‘cool vendor’ in the latest ‘Cool Vendors in Information Innovation’ report by Gartner; its platform, Senate is used by a wide variety of businesses, including banks and governments.

The co-founder and chief executive of Data Republic Paul McCarney said he was honoured to have the support of both new and old investors to allow the platform to grow.

“Gaining support from major Singaporean businesses like Singtel and Singapore Airlines demonstrates the growing important of privacy and the increasing global need for technology which supports secure, inter-organisational data sharing across markets,” he said.

The group plans to keep expanding and co-founder Danny Giligan said its goal was to make global data liquidity possible through safe sharing.

“As markets struggle with regulatory trade-offs between privacy and innovation, we are proud to be delivering data sharing infrastructure which proves its possible to deliver higher levels of data driven innovation while at the same time increasing the privacy and security controls in data,” he said.