cloud software

Gateway Bank has announced that it has partnered with Cloudcase Software Solutions (CSS) to deliver mortgage brokers and their clients a loan origination platform.

The solution has been designed to minimise friction through digital automation, and the end-to-end functionality allows the process to be undertaken in a single platform. This includes application capture, workflow management, rules-based decisioning and document generation.

The platform also integrates with key service providers for verification of identity, credit checks and property valuations.

Commenting on the partnership, Gateway Bank’s head of customer operations, Zeb Drummond, said the launch of the loan origination forms part of the lender’s focus on the third-party channel.

“The solution will deliver tangible efficiencies for all parties throughout the loan origination process, and it will ultimately enable us to meaningfully improve turnaround times, process greater loan volumes and deliver a better customer experience,” Mr Drummond said.

Gateway Bank is also working on its own API project that aims to complement the functionality of the solution.

Gateway Bank’s chief technology officer, Peter Buzek, said improvements of this scale would have typically put pressure on the business for several months as the changes were implemented.

“The platform is one hundred percent configurable, so we can develop, launch and maintain product capabilities to meet the ongoing needs of the broker community,” Mr Buzek said.

“We can now deploy and manage changes with near zero downtime, and this fluidity enables us to collaborate and co-create with the very best third-party providers to keep pace with technological advances and meet broker expectations into the future.”