Innovation Centre, Sydney, Australia

The new centre will allow clients to quickly develop and scale advanced data, analytics and AI capabilities.

Accenture’s finance, risk and compliance lead in Australia and New Zealand Tales Lopes said the new centre would help financial organisations to navigate the increasingly complex and challenging operation environment.

“With a raft of recent local and global compliance standards and regulatory demands, and more expected, our new Innovation Centre for Risk and Compliance will showcase innovative technologies and provide access to a global network of skilled resources,” said Mr Lopes.

Mr Lopes said clients would have immediate access to a broad range of Accenture’s consulting, development and operations services as well as letting clients view case studies, real-time demos and engage with subject matter experts.

“The innovation centre will enable Australia’s financial institutions to accelerate and build auditable remediation capabilities.

“We understand our clients’ challenges, and together, we will work quickly and effectively to ideate, prototype and scale solutions across the risk and compliance functions, from financial crime compliance to cyber security and risk culture,” he said.

The centre is part of the Accenture Innovation Architecture that combines capabilities from across the company to help clients develop and scale disruptive innovations.