Financial advice app store

YTML chief executive Kevin Liao said that the app store moves beyond a traditional app store to enable advisers to connect with financial apps.

“It is designed to not only act as a central location where advisers can access Apps they need, but also as a seamless connector of those tools and importantly, an efficient creator of advice documents,” he said.

Mr Liao said the store would enable apps which had been designed for each stage of the financial advice process to work together to create client-friendly, succinct and compliant advice documents.

“With one sign-on, the Seido App Store allows licensees and advisers to select tools in the store that they believe represent best practice, and at the end of the process receive documents their clients are more likely to read and comprehend,” Mr Liao said.

Already Seido has attracted various providers including SuiteBox, AstuteWheel, Omnium, ChantWest and other business said Mr Liao.

“Seido is therefore not just an aggregator of advice technologies, but also of advice processes,” he said.