Uber application

The integration of Uber will allow employees to send ride information directly for approval and reconciliation.  

Serko says the app will allow users of Expense to capture images of receipts with their phone, or forward invoices by email to their Expense dashboard, with options to add supplementary information such as expense category, project code or entertainment guests.

“CFOs can now digitise the entire expense collection, approval and management process – maximising data integrity, minimising fraud and giving the CFO greater visibility and control over T&E,” Darrin Grafton, CEO, Serko said.

The company says it found data confirming that Uber trips are the most frequent line item in expense reports for companies across the Asia-Pacific region.

“Our research shows that people are expensing Uber more frequently than any other vendor, which is no surprise as more organisations across the globe are turning to Uber for Business for employee ground transportation,” Mr Grafton said.

“In response to feedback from CFOs we now have an integration with Uber for Business to give companies total visibility and control over that spend. This will also make the employee experience of expensing those rides as easy as it is to get a ride with Uber in the first place.”

Serko says there is significant demand for the feature, with its data finding Travel and Expense was the second largest variable operating expense line item behind salaries.

The firm’s expense business has grown 30 per cent in the past 12 months.

“We work with thousands of local companies who use Uber for Business to enable time and cost savings, and help their employees access a safe, affordable and reliable ride from A to B for business travel,” Georgia Foster, head of Uber for Business, Australia and NZ, said.

“Integrations with expense partners give business travellers a seamless experience when riding with Uber, while offering businesses the billing, reporting and management tools that they need.”