The website’s key focus will be on superfunds with some funds already running pilots of Moneysoft’s round-ups solution.

The round-ups solutions allows people to make small, frequent contributions to their investments by automatically rounding up spare change from everyday transactions into their super.

The solution also allows members to automate or make one-off instalments into their funds or banks, which builds a foundation for more holistic personal financial advice.

Moneysoft’s chief executive Jon Shaw said the push towards larger companies was a natural progression for the company.

“Moneysoft’s push to large enterprises is a natural step in the growth of the company.

“It builds on the success of Moneysoft Pro and Lite software, which has been strongly endorsed by the financial planning community for its ability to accurately and reliably help clients manage their household finances,” he said.

Mr Shaw said Moneysoft’s technology had been built from the ground-up and had flexible APIs that allowed them to easily interact with large companies.

“The same underlying technology now drives our enterprise solutions, which have been built from the ground-up with flexible open APIs. This allows us to build a broad range of solutions that can improve financial wellbeing by easily interacting with a range of systems already used by large organisations.”

The new website also promotes other services to large organisations such as data vault and personal financial management platform.

Data vault helps organisations unlock the value of financial data while the management platform helps consumers understand their income and expenditure through real-time goal tracking.