Sydney Australia

The F5 Networks’ 2019 State of Application Services report found that Australian companies were aggressively driving automation and application modernisation.

In Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) 93 per cent of companies surveyed have digital transformation projects in place, while the worldwide average was just 67 per cent.

F5 Networks, a specialist application services and delivery network, also found that 65 per cent of A/NZ organisations were using digital to influence the way they developed applications.

Australian and New Zealand companies were also leading the world in exploring new application architectures and changing how they delivered applications to production environments.

In fact, the only element that A/NZ did not lead on was their confidence in being able to withstand security threats, with 54 per cent being less confident below the average of 63 per cent.

F5 managing director of Australia and New Zealand Jason Baden said it was not surprising to see A/NZ lead the world in digital transformations.

“We’re [A/NZ] known for our innovation and openness to new solutions and technologies. The Australian government is leading by example with its inaugural Digital Transformation Strategy, promising that all government services will be available through digital channels by 2025,” he said.

Mr Baden said that companies’ now saw their applications as their biggest digital asset, making security imperative and necessary.

“This is why it’s more important than ever for organisations to prioritise the security of their applications, to not only protect their brand, but also maintain trust and longevity. For A/NZ to continue to be a leader in digital transformation, creating more secure, smarter and efficient systems will cement our digital vision.”