Basiq is excited to announce our partnership with Sipora, an innovative new app that helps you save for ‘that special purchase.’
Sipora is the first of its kind, a round-up shopping app that allows millennials to shop around, save spare change and make purchases all within one app. Users can even gain access to exclusive offers and free shipping as well.

Basiq’s Head of Partnerships, Lorraine says that partnerships with fintechs like Sipora will provide customers with another use of Open Banking data:

“We are proud to have Sipora join our Fintech Marketplace where we have over 180 fintechs using our platform. Millennial’s will love this app to help them ‘save to spend’. It’s just another innovative use of Open Banking data that we are seeing in this fast-moving fintech landscape.” Lorraine Longhurst, Head of Partnerships at Basiq

With the rise of buy now, pay later services it can be tempting for customers to purchase items they can’t afford, without a solid repayment plan. This can lead to late or missed payments and even cause users to end up in debt.

According to Sipora’s co-founder Jonathan Despinidic, "Sipora is a great way for customers to save up and securely pay for their next online purchase. It’s absolutely free for customers to use and there are thousands of products they can start saving for, simply by rounding up their daily purchases.”

Instead of purchasing items with credit, Sipora reduces friction in the buying process by encouraging shoppers to save for wish list items - turning pocket change into real savings.

Basiq’s platform enables fintechs like Sipora by providing them with secure access to bank data from over 72 institutions. This also allows end customers more control over their information and access to more tailored and innovative financial products like Sipora.

Jonathan also adds “Basiq was chosen for two reasons, seamless integration and security for our customers. We believe that Basiq have developed their products with security at the forefront of their technology. We know that with Basiq, our customer information is backed by banking level security.”

Get started with Sipora today:

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