The two new categories, International and Friend of FinTech Australia, are aimed at opening the association for further collaboration from interested parties aligned to the fintech community.

The Friend of FinTech membership is aimed at those working in industries aligned to the fintech community and who want access to FinTech Australia’s events and news.

The International membership is to operate as a landing pad for oversees companies that want to secure a place in the local ecosystem.

FinTech Australia general manager Rebecca Schot-Guppy said the overhaul came after months of consultation and work with members.

“We want our organisation to provide maximum value to members and this shift empowers us to do so,” she said.

The new categories allow the group to grow their membership base, said Ms Schot-Guppy, while also expanding the influence FinTech Australia has.

“We’ve had plenty of requests from agencies, support services and corporates who work closely with fintechs to join and be a part of the debate and the community, now we’re able to facilitate this,” she said.

The new memberships would open up the association and its members to more collaboration and, ultimately, that was where fintech thrived, said Ms Schot-Guppy.

“Fintech thrives on collaboration, the more companies and people we can involve the better the ecosystem will be,” she said.

The new categories bring the total amount of memberships to five with other memberships targeted at small teams all the way through to larger companies with 60 employees.

Eliot Hastie

Eliot Hastie

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