AstuteWheel managing director Hans Egger said the latest version of the program comes with new functionality and a new way of taking up the AstuteWheel offer as well as addressing a number of compliance issues.

“As the system functionality expanded, it became obvious that advisers may like the flexibility to implement our various software solutions as and when required, starting with the base product that now includes powerful compliance tools and adding additional functionality later,” Mr Egger said.

The base product, Astute Client Engager, aims to give a turnkey solution to onboard new clients, provide engaged clients with a more valuable review or to re-engage existing clients who are either disengaged or who do not have an ongoing service agreement in place.

Information gathering using the software is conducted through an online fact-find and “five-minute financial health check” or an electronic reverse fact-find and changes questionnaire sent to review clients.

“This process allows relevant information to be collected before the client meeting and automatically loaded into the client database to avoid any double handling of data,” Mr Egger noted.

The solution also includes a goals-based advice tool, which has compliance requirements embedded, and auto generated reports for audits, a scoping wizard that can transfer relevant information for advisers to go through conversations with their clients and reports, as well as auto generated word documents.

There are also six suites of modelling calculators, which can be added for depending on the adviser’s needs, including an income planner, investment planner and retirement planner.

Eliot Hastie

Eliot Hastie

Eliot Hastie is a journalist on the wealth titles at Momentum Media.

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