The platform 6clicks, requires only sick clicks to assess compliance, solving a fragmented risk management and regulatory market.

Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss have launched the software-as-a-service product to help businesses streamline and automate risk assessment and regulatory compliance.

The platform combines compliance obligations, risk assessment and risk management onto a single platform with the goal of bringing these processes into the digital era.

“Businesses need automation and integration within their organisation and across their supply chains to manage the explosion of compliance obligations, enforced by thousands of regulators from different jurisdictions and sectors,” said Mr Stevens.

A former partner and chief digital officer at KPMG Mr Stevens said processes today were not repeatable or traceable with any measure of efficiency and that needed to change.

“What’s more, even if you seek external help from an advisor, you are stuck with Excel and email. The whole process is time-consuming, stressful and expensive,” he said.

Mr Stevens says that 6clicks would enable companies to centralise their risk assessments and compliance processes.

“What if you could get a third-party cybersecurity, privacy, OH&S or modern slavery assessment out the door in just six clicks,” he said.

The software takes after DocuSign said Mr Stevens by taking the friction out of creating, sending and managing assessments.

“This solution created for all stakeholders who take part in the assessment process – the assessor, the third party and the advisor. All these parties obviously play an important role, so we wanted to cater for all of them,” he said.

The platform has recently completed a seed funding round and has already signed over 30 MOUs with service providers and businesses.