Macquarie Authenticator uses push notifications to provide real-time verification for customer transactions and brings together multiple security checkpoints to prevent fraudulent activity.

The authenticator will run alongside Macquarie’s digital banking experience and customers will be automatically prompted to validate transactions to be authenticated.

Macquarie’s digital banking experience was the first in Australia to have its tech stack rebuilt from the ground up and head of personal banking Ben Perham said the app was just another layer on top to offer a more secure experience.

“Our customers’ security is our top priority and we wanted to create an industry-leading verification system that delivers a better client experience and is even more secure than SMS,” Mr Perham said.

Mr Perham said he was aware that security was at the forefront of many Australians, particularly around banking which is why they built the authenticator.

“Macquarie Authenticator brings a holistic approach to security that will continue to evolve and develop into the future and will empower our customers to choose the level of enhanced verification they want with their accounts,” Mr Perham said.