Infynity has been a key part of Finsure’s plan for its network of 1,700 brokers and streamlines workflow and automates consuming tasks.

Finsure general manager of aggregation Simon Bednar said Infynity was a key development for the year with some of the most advanced systems in the market.

“Our system is so advanced it uses predictive data to provide insights into broker behaviour, empowering brokers to proactively make changes to their business rather than relying on retrospective reporting and past behavior,” said Mr Bednar.

Mr Bednar said that brokers had more compliance than ever and systems were needed to enable brokers to continue to do their roles in a compliant manner.

“In this time of increased compliance oversight, Infynity allows brokers to monitor their behaviour and identify potential issues within the business before they become concerns,” he said.

The platform creates a centralised platform for third party application integration, allows for brokers to connect with their own partners and a range of other service providers.

“In the current highly challenging lending landscape, the aggregator that can maintain the strongest offering to brokers across all services will be the one that succeeds in this market,” he said.