Board room

TransferWise country manager Timothy Cameron and Archa founder and chief executive Oliver Kidd have joined the industry body’s board.

They have replaced previous member Alice Chavel, formerly of myprosperity and filled an existing vacancy on the board.

Meanwhile, FinTech Australia has moved to two new spaces across Melbourne and Sydney. In Melbourne, the association will be based out of YBF Ventures, while in Sydney it will work out of Tank Stream Labs.

FinTech Australia general manager Rebecca Schot-Guppy said moving regularly is key policy for the body.

“It’s to ensure we are accessible to all parts of the fintech ecosystem,” she said.

“We look forward to working in YBF and Tank Stream Labs, meeting more fintechs and continuing to grow the ecosystem.”

Looking at the new board appointments, Mr Cameron is a former Westpac analyst, having also worked on financial service policy at Grattan Institute before moving to London to spearhead TransferWise’s product expansion in the Middle East and Africa.

Mr Kidd on the other hand started his career as a corporate M&A and capital markets lawyer, having gone on to act as company secretary for a number of listed and non-listed organisations. He is also an associate member of the Governance Institute of Australia.

Ms Schot-Guppy commented: “We want to thank Alice for lending the board her time and expertise. At the same time, we welcome Timothy and Oliver in what will be a momentous year for the fintech industry.”