FinTech Australia teams with Newcastle Permanent

The partnership with FinTech Australia will allow Newcastle Permanent to make connections with fintech brands, which chief executive Bernadette Inglis said will enable it to “innovate, inform digital evolution and grow our business”.

The company reported it is part of a three-year strategy to pursue partnerships to better support customers and grow the business. Newcastle Permanent has set out a road map for chasing opportunities in emerging sectors of the finance industry.

It is the first mutual to have partnered with FinTech Australia.

Rebecca Schot-Guppy, CEO of FinTech Australia said the body welcomes Newcastle Permanent’s commitment to collaborate with the local fintech industry.

“Partnerships like this are fundamental in ensuring our local ecosystem scales and remains globally competitive,” Ms Schot-Guppy said.

The new relationship has followed Newcastle Permanent’s September partnership with fintech Athena Home Loans.

“Our digital strategy, coupled with these fintech partnerships, demonstrate Newcastle Permanent’s strong appetite to build the banking experience our customers need today and will want tomorrow,” Ms Inglis said.

“We are confident that this partnership with FinTech Australia will create opportunities for us: ones which align with our core expertise and strategy while enabling us to grow our business and deliver high-quality retail banking services for our customers.”