The start-ups are Proviso, Macrovue, Pencore Wealth, Fincast, Swipe, QuietGrowth, Financial Choice, Coredination, BigFuture, CXI Software, TradeTrust and Australian Corporate Bond Company.

“The Australian and New Zealand fintech community is bringing world class solutions and innovations to the financial services industry and we’re delighted to be showcasing some of this exceptional talent at our Melbourne Showcase,” Jillian Upton, co-founder of Afiniation, said.

“The perception is that fintech is something very niche and confined to areas like peer-to-peer lending and robo-advice.

“The reality is that fintech has the potential to touch every aspect of our daily lives.”

“Over 200 fintech companies in Australia and New Zealand have already joined Afiniation, and the number of fintech opportunities out there is limited only by the imagination of what is possible, something that will be made clear at the Melbourne Showcase,” Ms Upton said.

The 12 new start-ups join the original line-up of: Bitcoin Group, SuiteBox, Ignition Wealth, Smartbit, Kikka Capital, Pin Payments, Boomeringo, Billsumo, Estate Baron, ThunderMaps, Impos, Tappr and Simply Wall St.