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The new mobile app already boasts 300,000 users and provides content and resources on wealth education, wealth management tools and solutions providers to reach the Chinese-speaking market, according to a statement.

Most of the content on the app is free with a small fee for premium content and offers a range of “articles, Q&As, podcasts, interviews, video tutorials and live webinars developed by experts from around the world”.

Grei chief executive Philip Peng said the app was built in order to “minimise the gap between the haves and have-nots” so everyone can access financial advice and to allow Chinese investors access to wealth management experts, funds managers, stock brokers, investment and real estate consultants, and legal specialists.

“Essentially, Grei will be acting as a trusted intermediary, and users will have the reassurance that any service provider listed on the platform has been rigorously checked and vetted beforehand,” he said.

“The saying that ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ applies doubly when doing business with the Chinese market.

“The launch of Grei will open up doors for service providers to connect with Chinese-Australian investors.”

Service providers will not need to have a background in Chinese to be on the platform as Grei has in-built translation services, but will be “subject to Grei’s strict selection and due diligence checks prior to onboarding”, according to the statement.