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According to a Pushpay statement, the company has achieved its annualised committed monthly revenue (ACMR) target by 31 December 2017 instead of 31 March 2018 as previously planned.

Commenting on the announcement, Pushpay chief executive and co-founder Chris Heaslip said achieving US$100 million little over two years after reaching US$10 million was a “significant milestone” for the company.

“We continue to focus on scaling the business in the US faith sector in order to maximise shareholder value over the long term,” Mr Heaslip said.

“Pushpay remains in a position to reach its targets of FY18 NZ [generally accepted accounting practice] revenue guidance of US$70 million and break even on a monthly cash flow basis prior to the end of calendar 2018.”

Further details about the ACMR increase will be provided in Pushpay’s quarterly update on 10 January 2018.