The app will automate the identification of cash investments facing maturity within investment portfolios. By automating the search and identification of cash investments requiring action, the app could save financial advisers up to two working days a month in administration.

“Cashwerkz was launched to innovate the online cash investment process and act in the best interests of Australian investors,” said Hector Ortiz, head of sales for Cashwerkz.

“It is critical we continue to innovate the functional capabilities of Cashwerkz marketplace to better meet the needs of all parties.”

The app will give a 360-degree view of a client portfolio which identifies non-invested cash balances, and provide a watchlist and personalised functionality for cash investments about to mature.

“We value the automation and streamlining of administration for our client’s cash investments,” said Rob Forbes, general manager of technology solutions at HUB24.

“This collaboration with Cashwerkz to further develop new functionality will enhance Agility’s solution for our clients to manage their investment activities and supports the ongoing growth of their At Call and Term deposit investment operations.”

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