The newly created App Studio within Thomson Reuter's financial desktop Eikon allows third-party developers to create apps that display as native applications on the Eikon screen.

The new apps are then distributed "directly and securely to Eikon users", according to a statement by Thomson Reuters.

"The financial industry is increasingly turning to open technology standards to spur the innovation and flexibility institutions need to remain competitive in an increasingly complex business landscape," said Thomson Reuters.

"With App Studio, Eikon provides an open environment where the financial industry can build a new generation of apps that help foster innovation whilst also improving productivity."

The company added: "App Studio is an evolution of Eikon’s pre-existing open capabilities, allowing in-house developers and independent software vendors to blend Eikon’s leading news, market data and analytical tools with proprietary research and other third-party data. 

"These apps can then be deployed directly within Eikon, either publicly or to specific individuals or groups."

Thomson Reuters chief technology officer and global head of platform, financial and risk, Philip Brittan, said the success of his company's customers depends on them being able to use the data they want, in the format the require, on the devices they prefer.

"Thomson Reuters is building an open platform where the ideas of the market can thrive," Mr Brittan said.

"App Studio in Eikon is one of many ways we are drawing on open technologies to eliminate the barriers to efficient, collaborative workflows in the financial industry. It will help financial professionals generate fresh business ideas, respond rapidly to market changes and deliver new tools and services to their clients," he added.