In a statement, the company said it signed a memorandum of understanding with the unnamed firm. The deal is expected to "immediately enhance" Decimal's sales and delivery capabilities, both in Australia and overseas.

Decimal announced in March that it would launch two robo-advice packages designed to help big businesses break into the emerging automated advice market sooner.

Chief executive Nic Pollock said having the support of the global firm adds greater exposure to his company's robo enterprise solutions.

"A core focus of the new relationship will be to leverage the international network of tier one banks and financial services companies into joint sales opportunities," he said.

"We are already actively working together on target accounts. Interest in robo, and particularly enterprise robo - which means Decimal - is growing almost by the day, with banks and the financial services sector as a whole racing to deliver to the market demand."

Mr Pollock added that the partnership will enable Decimal to scale delivery resources "rapidly" on a local and global basis.

"This agreement is recognition for having a platform that's already in the market generating real numbers for clients," he said.

"The solutions we offer are tailored and proving to be an excellent fit for the financial sector."

According to the statement, Decimal is currently the only technology company that provides an enterprise-grade robo-advice platform tailored for banks and superannuation companies in the financial services sector.

Mr Pollock said he expects to make more announcements in the near future "as the partnership delivered new customers".