The release of the new feature coincides with the announcement of a partnership between the company and industry fund REST Industry super.

Earlier in the year, Acorns engaged the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals (AIOFP) to assemble a panel of industry superannuation funds to participate in a pilot program.

REST members will be given six months of fee-free use of Acorns’ services by registering their super fund for voluntary contributions in the app.

Acorns Grow Australia managing director George Lucas said the new feature was developed in response to customers’ requests to have the option to contribute to their super.

“Our research revealed that most Acorns users were only reminded about topping up their super towards the end of the financial year, and they often did not have as much money available to contribute to their super fund as they would like,” Mr Lucas said.

REST general manager of brand, marketing and communications Mary Atley said the partnership with Acorns was a perfect fit as both organisations shared a vision of improving the financial literacy of Australians.

“REST strongly believes in the importance of preparing for retirement from an early age,” Ms Atley said.

“Making regular, additional voluntary contributions will have a significant benefit in later years, particularly if people make the most of initiatives such, as the government’s co-contribution, where applicable.”