XPLAN iAssist will allow users to grant an IRESS support team member temporary and secure access to their individual XPLAN session within a few seconds.

Users needing the service will be able to securely-generate a unique token within XPLAN, which won’t require the exchange of any username and password details.

IRESS product executive Emily Chen said iAssist allows IRESS to rapidly respond in real-time in a transparent, secure and efficient way, without the limitations and frustrations of screen-sharing software installations.

“iAssist balances our desire to further improve user experience, help clients and users continue to increase business efficiency and ensure the security of our systems and services are beyond reproach," Ms Chen said.

“The integrity of client and user data is ensured with all activity logged in a secure audit trail.”

The service can be easily deactivated and reactivated as needed and is available within the latest release of XPLAN, the statement said.