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Mr Rothwell, whose departure from Tyro was announced last week, will be responsible for integrating customer-facing and engineering teams, supporting the business to scale, and leading its efforts in “ecosystem traction and customer success”.

Mr Rothwell told FinTech Business that data exchange is “critically important” to the future of the financial services industry and he is excited to be working with a company focused on this space.

“Data is the currency of the 21st century and I think there’s tremendous opportunity worldwide for companies to be able to improve their businesses through the utilisation of data, and Data Republic represented a once in a lifetime opportunity to build an Australian company from the ground up,” he said.

Mr Rothwell’s decision to leave Tyro Payments, which he co-founded more than a decade ago, was driven by Tyro’s success and his desire for a bigger challenge.

“If you take away the founder part, I’ve been head of sales for four years now and I simply wanted a bigger remit. I wanted a bigger challenge. I’m the same as my sales staff, they’re always probing me and cajoling me for new and bigger roles, and that’s what I wanted for myself,” he said.

“The remit here is much larger than what I had at Tyro, and as I said earlier, I want to try and build up another super successful Australian start-up that’s going to take on the world.”