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Amit Gupta

In 2020, disruptive technologies are opening up new opportunities for previously untapped consumers and changing the face of the business and banking landscape, in Australia and around the globe.

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Giuseppe Porcelli

The Australian banking industry is going through significant change. Post-Hayne royal commission, there is a renewed focus to deliver banking services that meet the needs of consumers. This has been interpreted as delivering convenient digital services to digital natives.

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Chris Ellis

It’s a hot topic across the financial sector at the moment, and one that’s delivering big benefits to those organisations that get it right. Digital transformation has the potential to change the way companies operate and deliver services to their clients.

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Terry Smagh

Being able to demonstrate transparent financial management and produce up-to-the-minute accounts can provide investors with the reassurance they need to back a promising venture.

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Ashley Diffey

Delivering a fantastic customer experience (CX) is a key goal for any business. By ensuring interactions are enjoyable and frictionless, existing customers will be retained and new ones attracted.

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